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1. Introduction

The following General Terms of Delivery apply, unless expressly waived by written agreement between the parties.
The terms of sales and delivery are accepted, when a given order is confirmed by Pernille Corydon Jewellery.

2. Prices

All prices are exclusive VAT.

3. Binding orders

An order is final when the customer receives an order confirmation from Pernille Corydon Jewellery, typically in the form of an invoice. Hereafter the order is final and no cancellation is accepted.

4. Delivery and transition risk

The ordered items are delivered by an external carrier. The risk of the goods passes to the customer when Pernille Corydon Jewellery has handed the goods over to the carrier.

5. Delivery time

Delivery is usually a maximum of 8 days from the order is received for stocked goods. In case of non-stocked goods, an approximate delivery time is given at the time of order confirmation.

 Delay in delivery does not entitle the customer to cancel the order until the customer´s written notification is submitted to Pernille Corydon Jewellery, which must be submitted after the agreed delivery time. If Pernille Corydon Jewellery does not deliver the goods within a reasonable period of time, the customer may cancel the order. Partial delivery only entitles the customer to cancel the purchase of the goods that have not yet been delivered, but only after having submitted a notification prior to this. If the delay is due to circumstances caused by the customer, the delivery time may be extended to what is considered reasonable.

6. Force Majeure

Pernille Corydon Jewellery is not liable for any delays in delivery or failure to deliver, due to force majeure such as extreme weather, war, riots, civil riots, orders or directives by any governmental body, fire, strikes, lockouts, export or import bans, incomplete or delayed deliveries from sub-suppliers, shortage of labor, fuel or means of transportation, mobilization, foreign exchange restrictions or any similar acts beyond the control of Pernille Corydon Jewellery, which is likely to delay or prevent delivery of the goods.

If full and timely delivery is temporarily impeded as a result of some of the above-mentioned conditions, delivery time is postponed for a period of time equivalent to the duration of the barrier and the postponed delivery time is considered timely in every respect.

If the delivery barrier is expected to last for more than 3 months, Pernille Corydon is entitled to cancel the offer.

7. Claims

Pernille Corydon Jewellery confirms that the delivered goods are of usual good quality with regards to material and processing. The customer is obligated to report any packing or delivery errors immediately after receiving the goods. If the goods appear different than agreed the customer must immediately report this to Pernille Corydon Jewellery. If, within 2 years of delivery, defects are found on the delivered items, Pernille Corydon Jewellery must, of her own choice, either offer to exchange the defective items with new equivalent items or credit the customer for the defective items when these items have been returned to Pernille Corydon Jewellery.

Pernille Corydon Jewellery is not liable for defects as a result of misuse, handling, transportation, storage or otherwise negligence by anyone other than seller.

8. Return of goods

In the event that a customer, as a result of defects in the delivered goods and in accordance with the above and the Purchasing Act is entitled to withdraw a purchase or, in the event that the customer, in agreement with Pernille Corydon Jewellery, may return delivered goods, proceed as follows:

The items must be returned in original packaging and must appear in the same condition as when the customer received it.

Comprehensive information about the reason for the return must be stated.

Goods may not be returned by Cash On Delivery, the customer pays the shipping costs and other costs which may occur in connection with the return.

9. Liability for defects

Pernille Corydon Jewellery is only liable, as stated in the above, to either offer a redelivery or a credit for the price of the goods, and is not liable for any losses incurred by the customer such as sales loss, costs incurred for return of goods and indirect loss.

10. Product liability

If the goods delivered by Pernille Corydon Jewellery causes a personal injury due to a defect in the product, Pernille Corydon Jewellery is liable in accordance with Danish law´s general rules on product liability. The liability does not include operating losses, loss of profits or other indirect losses incurred by the injured party, customer or third party. The liability also does not include products made by the customer using materials supplied by Pernille Corydon Jewellery. Should Pernille Corydon Jewellery be subject to product liability by third parties as a result of products delivered to a customer, the customer is obliged to indemnify Pernille Corydon Jewellery  to the limited liability as described in the above.

11. Property Rights

The customer acknowledges that, all intellectual property rights associated with the goods delivered, such as the design right, the trademark and the copyright, belongs to Pernille Corydon Jewellery, and the customer agrees that he may not express or act as if he is in possession of such rights, including copying.

The customer may not alter the goods before resale to the end user.

12. Payment Terms

Payment is made by bank transfer, for details see the invoice issued. In case of late payment, interest accrues at 2% per month. If the customer´s ability to pay is estimated to be significantly less than what is usually expected, Pernille Corydon Jewellery is entitled to claim payment in advance.

13. Disputes

Any disputes that may arise between the customer and Pernille Corydon jewellery shall, if it can not be resolved, be settled by a Danish court under Danish law.

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